River City Forest No. 198 Tall Cedars of Lebanon Initiation

River City Forest No. 198, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, in Jacksonville, on April 29, 2016, initiated two new Brothers into the Forest. Brothers Rusty Ludlam , KYCH, DDGIM, District Instructor, District 8, Grand Chapter, R. A. M., and District Leader, District 8, Grand Commandery, K. T. of Florida; and Joseph Wright, Sr., KT, 33o, were received into River City Forest No. 198, T.C.L.

Pictured here, were the new Brothers with officers and other Tall Cedars after the initiation. Shown in the first row, from left to right, were: Steve Persinger, Grand Tall Cedar of River City Forest No. 198; Rusty Ludlam, new Tall Cedar; David Z. Eunice, Seminole Forest No. 193, District Deputy Supreme Tall Cedar, District 23; Joseph Wright, Sr., new Tall Cedar; Thomas A. Olsen, Bob Bullard, and Corbin Elliott PGTC.

Seen in the back row, from left, were: Charles R. Cooper, PGTC, River City Forest No. 198, DDSTC, District 5, R. Ex. Grand King, Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida; and Ernest W. Beeman, PJDGTC of River City Forest No. 198.

Tall Cedars of Lebanon

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