Rite Notes: January 2014

Companions and Sir Knights,
We are in a new year and a new membership effort. Let us make 2014 a much better year tha
n the past year.

Our short and long term degree programs will be in full swing in another month. Now is the time that a
concerted effort needs to be made in our effort to gain new companions and Sir Knights. As I have said in the past, it is not just the dias that needs to work on membership. It is every member in the York Rite Body. This is a collective effort if we hope to survive.

In my travels in Florida and throughout the SE, many of our jurisdictions are losing membership. We find the same thing happening in Florida. We cannot just hope that they will come, we must ask and encourage them to seek out further light by experiencing the York Rite degrees. We must develop our Lodge Representative programs and represent York Rite in all the lodges. That program is beginning to show dividends, but not all YR Bodies are using the program yet.

Again, you cannot assume that Joe, John or Mike are recruiting. Its everyones job and it must be a planned, organized effort if our bodies hope to survive. As I travel, I see that some of the YR Bodies who have the hardest problem in opening, are those that do the least in attempting to recruit and keep
new members.

This is a short newsletter this month, however, I do encourage each of you to began recruiting for you upcoming festivals. Don’t wait too long.

As you notice below, I am missing some festival dates. Please forward them as soon as possible so they may appear in next months, Rite Notes.

Reminder to all: The Order of the Temple at Lakeland Festival, 29 March, will be conducted by the Grand Line officers. This has not been done for ten years. Come over and bring your candidates. If you wish to participate and/or bring candidates, contact SK Fred Gerdom.

We cannot wish away our declining membership; we must be individually accountable for growing our business. Don’t wait for someone else to do what you can do now.

1 Feb Miami/Ft Lauderdale
2 Oct 12 Ft Myers
3 Tampa
4 Mar 29 (Orders) Lakeland
5 Mar 1, 15, 29 Ormond Beach, Sanford, Orlando
6 Apr 4, 5 Ft Pierce
7 Oct 3, 4 Melbourne
8 Jan 18, 21, 25 Gainesville
9 Feb 1, 4, 8, 18, 22
Feb 23 (Orders)
10 Mar 29, Apr 5 Pensacola
Total 2013 Knightings 117
Total 2014 Knightings

If any of the above dates are incorrect OR if you have dates or numbers that should be changed, please
let me know. Also, as soon as your area determine the dates for the Spring and Fall festivals, PLEASE let
me know so they may be included.

Henry A Adams
Right Eminent Grand Commander

Download the PDF here.

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