Passing of R.W. David Brown

My dear Brothers,

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of a great Brother, friend, and mentor R:.W:. David Brown. R:.W:. Brown passed to the Celestial Lodge this morning around 2:00 AM. Mary Brown has requested Masonic services and all honors he merits. R:.W:. Brown was a member of Sanford York Rite, Sanford Scottish Rite, Sanford Shrine, Knight Masons, KYCH, York Rite College, and many others Appendant Bodies.

Please remember our dear Brother for the contributions he made to Masonry and specially our beloved Sanford Lodge. David will be missed by many of us who were touched by his kindness and commitment to the Craft. May the Light of God shine over your path to eternal glory my dear Brother, and may He bring Peace and Love to those who are hurting due to your departure. Until we meet again my dear Brother, God Speed…


Patrick Velazquez

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