Palatka Commandery No. 5 Presents Flag Ceremony at Pineland Lodge

Palatka Commandery No. 5, K.T. participated in the Youth Activities/Americanism Program held recently at Pineland Lodge No. 86, F. & A. M. in Palatka.  The Commandery team exhibited the solemn and proper folding of the Flag of the United States of America accompanied by a narration of the deep meaning of each fold which completes the Flag folding ceremony.

Palatka Commandery

Pictured here were Sir Knights in the Commandery U.S. Flag Folding team. From left to right, they were: P. James Mast, EC, St. Augustine No. 10, SwB, Palatka Commandery No. 5; Robert Pringle, PC, Palatka No. 5; Christopher C. Lanham, Jr., Commander of Palatka Commandery No. 5; William Hicks, Gen.; and C. Ronald Holland, S.W. of Palatka Commandery No. 5, K. T.

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