Northeast Florida Y. R. College No. 114, Knights One, and Installs New officers

Northeast Florida York Rite Colleg3 No. 114 assembled on May 14, 2016 in Jacksonville, where they elevated James R. Billberry , W.M. of Hyde Park Lodge No. 370, and an officer in Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R. A. M. and Damascus Commandery No. 2, K. T., to the Order, Knight of York.

The College also elected and installed new officers for 2016-2017. The new officers for the ensuing year are: Corey Kosciuszko, Governor; Paul James Mast, Deputy Governor; Rudin “Rudy” Boatright, Chancellor; Frederick L. Piasecki, PGC, PG, Treasurer; C. Edward Constant, Secretary; Thomas A. Olsen, Primate; Kenneth E. Hinton, Jr., Preceptor; Alexander E. Constant, Seneschal; Eric G. Cole, Marshal; and Lloyd D. Newman, Sentinel.

Pictured here were new Companion Knight Billberry with the new College officers and other Companion Knights after the Installation. Shown, in the first row, left to right, were: Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP, PDGG, OPC, Installing Marshal; H. Wiley Hart, PDDGM, PG: Paul James Mast, PHP, PIM, D.G.: Corey D. Kosciuszko, PC, PDDGHP, PDDGIM, Preeminent Governor; James R. Billberry, new Companion Knight; Glenn E. Chandler, KYGCH, MEPGHP, I.G.C.G., Grand Council, R. & S. M., Deputy Grand Governor of Florida for the York Rite Sovereign College of North America, Installing Officer; J. B. Hunt, KYCH, PDDGHP, PDDGIM, PDDGC, PG, OPC; and Harvey L. Ward, Sr., KYGCH, MEPGHP, PG, OPC.

Seen in the second row, from left were: Thomas A. Olsen, PHP, PC, DDGIM, District 7, Primate; Eric G. Cole, PHP, Marshal; Lloyd D. Newman, IM, Sentinel; Alexander E. Constant, PHP, PDDGC, Seneschal; Ernest Beeman, KYCH; and Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGHP, PDDGIM, PDDGC, PG, OPC, Installing Chaplain.

Seen in the back row, from left, were: Adam Bryan, EHP, IM, EGSWB; Frederick I. Piasecki, REPGC, PG. OPC, Treasurer; Robert R. Gagnon, KYCH, DDGHP, District 7; Robert Gurney Atwell, KYCH, PG; and C Edward Constant, KYCH, PDDGHP, Secretary of Northeast Florida York Rite College No. 114.

Present but not pictured, along with others who were busy or had to hurry away after the meeting, were: Harold E. Hunter, Jr., PG, OPC; C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PGSWB, Ex. Grand King, Grand Chapter, R. A. M., PG, OPC; Jimmy Dorsey, KYCH; Danny R. Johnson; Pete Trent, and Herbert L. Ray.

2016-05-Sandalwood- JROTC-Awrds

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