New Sir Knights Knighted at Jacksonville Spring 2014 York Rite Festival

Jacksonville Spring Festival - Knighted Sir KnightsTwelve new Sir Knights were dubbed and created at the Jacksonville, Florida York Rite Festival on March 29, 2014.

Following the Order of the Temple, the new Sir Knights, cast, several officers and visitors assembled in the east for a quick picture. Standing in the middle of the first row, with the new Sir Knights, were some important participants from left: Adam M. Bryan, E.C. of Pilgrim Commandery No. 7; Corey Kosciuszko, E.C. of Damascus Commandery No. 2; Mark Balester, Warder of Damascus Commandery No. 2, Cast Commander for the Order of the Temple; and C. Edward Constant, E.C. of Crusader Commandery No. 44.

Seen at the far right of the first row, from left to right, were Alexander Constant, PDDGC;
C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, PGSWB, R. E. Grand Captain of the Host of the Grand Chapter, R.A.M., Recorder of the Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies; and Francisco T. Camacho, PDDGC, District 8.

Shown in the second row, from left, among the new Sir Knights, were Chris Lanham, Jr., Gd; Samuel Hope, PC; Tom Olsen, CG, Damascus No. 2; Henry Webb, Sentinel, No.2; Ernest Beeman, KYCH; and Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, KCT, PDDGC.

Seen from left in the back row were: Robert Gurney Atwell, KYCH, Recorder of the Lawtey Y. R. Bodies; Donald Gay, SW, Crusader Commandery No. 44; Kolen Sawyer, SW, Damascus Commandery No. 2; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP, PDDGC; Paul James Mast, CG, Palatka Commandery No. 5; Wilmer T. Atwell, KYCH; Albert L. Kimball, PHP, Gainesville; Jimmy Dorsey, PHP, IM, PC No. 2; Robert Gagnon, KYCH, Recorder of St. Augustine Y. R. Bodies; Eric Cole, J.W., No. 2; Rusty Ludlam, KYGCH, MIPGM; and an unrecognized Sir Knight.

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