Most Excellent Grand High Priest Wermann Visits Nassau Chapter No.49

Nassau Chapter 49 MEGHP VisitM. E. Companion John F. Wermann, M. E. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter R. A. M. of Florida, on February 27, 2014 visited Nassau Chapter No. 49, R. A. M. in Fernandina Beach. Also joining him on this evening were Grand Chapter officers: Charles Robert Cooper, Ex. Grand Captain of the Host; Harry V. Eisenberg, M.D., Ex. Grand Master of the 3rd Veil; C. Edward Constant, District Deputy Grand High Priest of Capitular District 7, and Jimmy Dorsey, PHP, District Instructor of District 7. Also present were: Darryl A. D’Angina, MEPGHP of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M.; and Daniel Fullwood, M. I. Past Grand Master of the Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida.

Pictured here after the meeting, were the Companions who were able to stay a few minutes for a picture with Grand High Priest Wermann. Standing, left to right in the front were: Herbie Ray, RAC; Monroe Royal, C. Robert Cooper, Ex. Grand COTH; John F. Wermann, M. E. Grand High Priest; Alexander E. Constant, Excellent High Priest of Nassau Chapter No. 49, R.A.M.; Harry V. Eisenberg, M.D., Ex. G. M. 3rd Veil; Ricardo Parente, PDDGHP, District 5, District Instructor, Cryptic District 5; Darryl A. D’Angina, MEPGHP and the Grand Chapter; and M. Daniel Fullwood, MIPGM of the Grand Council of Florida. Seen in the second row from left, were Corbin P. Elliott, PDDGHP; A. Eugene Yarborough, Past District Instructor of Capitular District 7; Charles Edward Constant, REDDGHP, District 7; Carl S. Amos, PDDGHP, District 7; Richard G. Cobb, PHP; William P. Goldwire, PDDGHP, Sec./Recorder of Fernandina Beach Y. R. Bodies; Jimmy Dorsey, District Instructor, Capitular District 7; and Zeb Turner, PHP.

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