Jacksonville Royal Arch Masons Antient Craft Table Chapter

Richard WolfeAn Antient Craft Table Chapter Convocation was held in Jacksonville on Thursday, August 13, 2015.  Some 43 companions were present for the festivities.

The main speaker for the evening was Most Excellent Companion Richard A. Wolfe, M. E. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter R. A. M. of Florida (photo 1).  A number of other state and district officers were welcomed, and many fine companions and Masonic groups were toasted and praised during the evening.

Pictured here, with M. E. Companion Richard Wolfe, M.E.G.H.P., were a number of the officers and companions who were able to remain following the Table Chapter for a quick picture.

Shown in the group after the Table Chapter, from left, were: Corbin P. Elliott, PDDGHP, District 7; Randy Burkett, acting Principal Sojourner, Jacksonville Chapter No. 12; Rusty M. Ludlam, D. I., Chapter and Commandery, and DDGIM, District 8; Eric G. Cole, EHP, Jacksonville Chapter No. 12; Harvey L. Ward, MEPGHP ’96; William L. Buck, Jr., MEPGHP ’93; Darryl A. D’Angina, MEPGHP ’09; Thomas A. Olsen, PHP, IM, EC; Richard A. Wolfe, M.E. Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter R.A.M. of Florida; C. Robert Cooper, R. Ex. Grand King, Grand Chapter of Florida; Robert R. Gagnon, DDGHP, District 7; Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP ’04, Grand Historian, and I. Grand Captain of the Guard, Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida; Charles T. Jones,  DDGHP, District 8; David Gregory, acting R.A.C.; and Frank Kleese, Sr., M. 2nd Veil of Jacksonville Chapter.

Also present, but not pictured as he had to hurry away right after the Table Chapter, was M. W. Danny R. Griffith, PHP, MWPGM of the Grand Lodge, F. & A. M. of Florida.

Jax Table Chapter

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