Jacksonville R.A.M. Table Chapter Held on August 3, 2017

Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R. A. M. held an Ancient Craft Table Chapter on August 3, 2017. There was a fine turnout of Companions. We had a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings, and enjoyed toasts, and remarks from Most Excellent Companion Ron Newton, M. E. Grand High Priest of Florida.


Jacksonville Table Chapter

Shown here are pictures of Ron Newton, MEGHP, addressing the Chapter, and a group of Companions who remained after the meeting for a quick picture. In the picture of M. E. Companion Newton speaking to the Chapter, on the left is Harvey L. Ward, Sr., MEPGHP, and on the right is Robert Sapitan, EHP of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12.

Jacksonville Table Chapter

Seen in the group picture, from the left, were: Danny R. Griffith, PHP, MWPGM; Jeff Starke; Mark Balester; Darryl; A. D’Angina, MEPGHP; Corey Kosciuszko, EGM of 2nd Veil; C. Edward Constant, DDGC, Dist. 7, EGM of 1st Veil; Adam Bryan, EGSW, DDGHP, Dist. 8; Harvey L. Ward, Sr., MEPGHP, seated; Joe Wright, Sr., King, Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, standing behind M. E. Companion Ward; Danny Johnson; Ron C. Newton, MEGHP; Todd Connor; C. Robert Cooper, MEPGHP; Bill Walker, PHP; Robert Sapitan, EHP of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12; Randy Burkett, PS, Jacksonville #12; Jimmy Dorsey, DDGHP, Dist. 7; Ron George; Bob Gagnon, PHP, DDGIM, Dist. 7; John Block; David Gregory, Scribe, Jacksonville #12; Steve Urban, Jr., PHP, Treasurer, Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies; Chris Lanham, Jr., King, Putnam Chapter No. 9; Bob Shellenberger, Sentinel, Jacksonville #12; Cliff Baker, M. of 3rd Veil, Jacksonville #12; Thomas A. Olsen, PHP, Sec./Recorder of Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies, Grand Chapter District Instructor, Dist. 7; and Eric Cole, PHP, PIM, EC of Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies.

Taking the picture was Corbin P. Elliott, PHP, PDDGHP.

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