Grand High Priest Wermann Visits Jacksonville York Rite Festival

Jacksonville YR Festival - MEGHPMost Excellent Companion John F. Wermann, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida, visited the Jacksonville York Rite Festival for the Chapter Royal Arch Degree on March 8, 2014.

Pictured here were M. E. Companion John Wermann with the Y. R. Festival class and other Companions after the R. A. M. degree on March 8th. M. E. Companion Wermann is shown seated, in red coat, in the center of the first row. The new Royal Arch Masons are seated around him in the first two rows.

Standing, left to right, in the second row were: C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, R. E. Grand Captain of the Host, Secretary/Recorder of the Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies; and at the far right, Rusty Ludlam, KYGCH, MIPGM, District Instructor, Cryptic District 8; Donald G. Gay, COTH, Nassau Chapter No. 49; Wilmer T. Atwell, KYCH; and Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGHP.

Shown standing, left to right, in the third row were Mark Balester, M. 2nd V.; William P. Goldwire, KYCH, EDDGC, Frank Camacho, District Instructor, Capitular District 8; Charles Edward Constant, DDGHP, District 7; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Ernest Beeman, KYCH, Jimmy Dorsey, PHP, District Instructor, Capitular District 7; and Corey D. Kosciuszko, PHP, PIM, EC, DDGIM, District 7.

Seen in the back row was Rudy J. Boatright, W. Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Florida, and PHP of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R. A. M.

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