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Grand Council of Royal & Select Masons of Florida

Most Illustrious Grand Master: Benjamin J. Holland

Companions, as we embark upon a new Cryptic year, Let us emulate the best in masonry.  Let us live in genuine friendship, support the program and efforts of the Grand Presiding Officers, incite our hearts to duty, and, above all, in the words of the apostle Paul, “Let us be kindly affectionate, one to another.”
We will need the good will and active support of all the Companions and Sir Knights if we are to be successful in our perhaps ambitious goal of exalting, greeting, and knighting at least 250 new York Rite masons.  If we do get that backing, I feel certain that the District Festivals will be a great success.  In addition, I believe that such a concerted effort will bring us all closer together, improve our proficiency in ritual work, and increase attendance and participation in our constituent bodies.  Our joy and pleasure in being masons would then increase tenfold.
Let us not forget that we are all masons, that we meet on the level and part upon the square.  It is not easy to live up to the ideals of freemasonry.  It is worthy of pursuit, so let us pursue it with zeal, with sincerity, and with hope.
Here is an anonymous statement that I have titled “Masonic Philosophy, or, a Way of Life.”
Freemasonry is a philosophy of life
  for the development of character,
a fraternity of character, in which virtue,
  goodness, and knowledge are
prescribed and practiced precepts.
Let us not forget what we are all about.  Let us be joyful and take pleasure in pursuit of those ideals.  Peace and prosperity to you all.
John L. Horne Jr., M.I.G.M.

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Grand Officers

2016 Grand Council OfficersPresenting the Grand Council Officers for 2016 – 2017:

Most Illustrious Grand Master
Benjamin J. Holland

Right Illustrious Deputy Grand Master
Robert C. St. John

Right Illustrious Grand Principal Conductor of Work
Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP

Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer
Carl Gilmore

Right Illustrious Grand Treasurer – Emeritus
Duane B. Young, MEPGHP

Right Illustrious Grand Recorder
L. Edward Villiaume III

Right Illustrious Grand Recorder – Emeritus
Steven Q. Steele, MEPGHP

Right Illustrious Grand Chaplain
Robert L. T. Phillips

Right Illustrious Grand Captain of the Guard
John D. Pickford

Right Illustrious Grand Conductor of the Council
Thomas J. Rawsthorne

Right Illustrious Grand Marshal
Donald J. Butler

Right Illustrious Grand Steward
William Alan Sorbie

Right Illustrious Grand Sentinel
J. Michael Hartman

Right Illustrious Grand Organist
David R. Meade

2016 Grand Council OfficersPresenting the Grand Council District Deputy Grand Masters for 2016-2017:

District No. 1 (10,17, 24, 44)
Brett A. Gordon

District No. 2 (9, 25, 41, 45)
Todd A. Meschelle

District No. 3 (8, 14, 34)
Richard C. Brooks

District No. 4 (4, 11, 40, 42, 43)
Danny C. Myers

District No. 5 (1, 5, 20, 28, 37)
Eric B. Andersen

District No. 6 (13, 36, 38)
James B. Brown

District No. 7 (3, 15, 18, 46)
Lloyd D. Newman

District No. 8 (22, 27, 35, 39)
Adam M. Bryan

District No. 9 (26, 30, 31)
Joseph L. Hall

District No. 10 (7, 29, 33)
John M. Lewis

Living Past Grand Illustrious Masters

1992 – Robert E. Burleson

1996 – Paul Friend

2000 – Richard S. Agster

2001 – Charles L. Hollinger

2002 – Richard E. Foreman

2003 – Stephen H. Clark

2005 – Donald T. Harriott

2006 – Louis A. King

2007 – George E. Malone

2008 – Dencel R. (Denny) Smith

2009 – Carl E. Gilmore

2011 – M. Daniel Fullwood

2012 – Larry R Gillespie

2013 – Dayle L Schrock

2014 – H. Warren Almand

Members of the Grand Council of Florida who have served Sister Grand Jurisdictions as Most Illustrious Grand Master

G. Gordon Goodman – Michigan – 1982

Ronald B. Blaisdell – Michigan – 1998

Charles W. Wagner – District of Columbia – 2010-2011

Charles Sipes – Utah – 2012-2013

Committees for 2016-2017

Committee Chairman Members
Audit Gleen E. Chandler Robert St. John, J. Michael Harman
Budget & Finance Robert St. John Donald T. Harriott, Benjamin J. Holland
Constitution Review John L. Horne Jr. William Sorbie
Convention Assistance Donald Butler
Convention Board C. Robert Cooper Benjamin J. Holland, Frederick R. Gerdom
Convention Souvenir Program John F. Wermann Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III
CMMRF Dayle L. Schrock Paul W. Friend, Glenn E. Chandler
Distinguished Guests Steven Q. Steele Richard S. Agster, Carl E. Gilmore
Fraternnal Relations John D. Pickford
Grand Reps Thomas J. Rawsthorne William A. Sorbie, J. Michael Hartman
Grand Master’s Advisory Dayle L. Schrock Richard S. Agster, Larry Gillespie
Homecoming Larry Gillespie Danny C. Myers, Donald Butler
Investment Advisory Lee Popham Sr. Judd Powell, Charles Hollinger
Jurisprudence Larry Gillespie All MIPGM’s
Legal Advisor Richard Agster
Lodge Representative J. Michael Hartman
Masonic Youth Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III John Wermann, Jack Maulden
Membership Dev. Training & Ed. Thomas J. Rawsthorne
Mentor’s Manual William A. Sorbie
Necrology Robert Phillips
Per Diem Grand Treasurer
Perpetual Membership Glenn E. Chandler
Registration, Returns & Credentials Jim Gregory Steven Q. Steele, Todd Meschelle, Luther Thompson
Time & Place Richard S. Agster Robert C. St. John, Anthony L. Griffon
Thanks John D. Pickford
Unfinished Business John L. Horne Jr.
Committee on Work Charles Hollinger Rusty Ludlam, John Gray
Photography Richard Wolfe Dayle L. Schrock


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State Wide Outdoor Festival by Fort Pierce York Rite Bodies

An Outdoor Festival of the York Rite Degrees and Orders Honoring M.’.W.’. Stanley L. Hudson When: March 3rd & 4th, 2017 Location:  Box Ranch 7150 Kanner Hwy Indiantown, FL 34956 Cost: $20 includes lite snack Friday & lunch & barbeque dinner on Saturday   Download the flyer... read more

Most Illustrious Grand Master Homecoming

A Dinner to Honor Most Illustrious Benjamin J. Holland Most Illustrious Grand Master of the  Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons of Florida Saturday Evening, March 11th 2017 Registration: 5:30 pm Dinner served: 6 pm Tuscan Masonic Lodge #6 320 South Florida Avenue Bartow, FL 33830 Cost: $18 per person Download here the... read more