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Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Florida

Right Eminent Grand Commander: S.K. Frederick Gerdom

Sir Knights,

Thank you again for this great honor.  My theme this year is “From the ground up“.  I feel we need to keep building from the ground up if we are to keep growing.

We have to keep attending and making our meetings exciting.  We will work together to make this everything we want it to become.

We have a plan for the District meetings.  We will be performing the Full form opening using as many Sir Knights as possible.  I look forward to seeing all of you this year.


S.K. Frederick Gerdom, R.E.G.C.

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Grand Officers

2016 GRand Commandery OfficersPresenting the Grand Commandery Officers for 2016 – 2017

Right Eminent Grand Commander
Frederick R. Gerdom

Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
Anthony L. Griffon

Eminent Grand Generalissimo
James T. Mason

Eminent Grand Captain General
Ronald L. Parks

Eminent Grand Treasurer
Carl Gilmore

Eminent Grand Recorder
L. Edward Villiaume III

Eminent Grand Prelate
David A. Aponte, REPGC

Eminent Grand Senior Warden
Brett A. Gordon

Eminent Grand Junior Warden
Adam M. Bryan

Eminent Grand Standard Bearer
Patrick X. Velasquez

Eminent Grand Sword Bearer
Sheldon Arpad

Eminent Grand Warder
Javier A. Hernandez

Eminent Grand Sentinel
Rusty M. Ludlam

Aide De Camp
John R. Miller

Judge Advocate General
Richard S. Agster, MIPGM

Drill Master General
Ronald J Bertie, REPGC (NY)

Inspector General (Districts 7 & 8)
John I Gray

2016 GRand Commandery OfficersPresenting the Grand Commandery District Deputy Grand Commanders for 2016 – 2017

District No. 1 – (13, 18 & 35)
Joseph R. Fretz

District No. 2 – (16 & 32)
Albert W. “Butch” Thurman

District No. 3 – (8, 20 & 40)
John E. Drewett

District No. 4 – (6,15 & 21)
Robert L. T. Phillips

District No. 5 – (4, 9, 28, 36 & 38)
Erik B. Andersen

District No. 6 – (17, 24 & 41)
Wade A. Atchison

District No. 7 – (2, 5, 10 & 44)
Corey D. Kosciuszko

District No. 8 – (7, 19, 39 & 43)
Wayne A. Baker

District No. 9 – (12, 22 & 29)
Douglas G. Knowles

District No. 10 – (1, 25 & 42)
Charles S. Cather

2016 Grand Commandery OfficersPresenting the Grand Commandery District Instructors for 2016 – 2017

District No. 1 – (13, 18 & 35)
James C. Gregory, Jr.

District No. 2 – (16 & 32)
John F. Wermann, MEPGHP

District No. 3 – (8, 20 & 40)
Charles C. “Chuck” Osborne

District No. 4 – (6,15 & 21)
Jeff Jackson

District No. 5 – (4, 9, 28, 36 & 38)
Daniel L. Hobson

District No. 6 – (17, 24 & 41)
John D. Pickford

District No. 7 – (2, 5, 10 & 44)
Robert R. Gagnon

District No. 8 – (7, 19, 39 & 43)
Dana K. Oldenburg

District No. 9 – (12, 22 & 29)
Jesse B. Taintor

District No. 10 – (1, 25 & 42)
Adrian Lowndes


Living Past Grand Commanders

1976 – Harry A. Rosenthal

1989 – Marvin W. Gerhard

1996 – Guy E. Waltman

1997 – Carl E. Gilmore

1998 – Wm. Ronald Taylor

1999 – Edwin B. Moore, III

2000 – Daniel L. Bennett

2001 – Frederick L. Piasecki

2002 – Robert E. Burleson

2005 – William G. Ellis

2006 – Jerry R. Morgan

2008 – Charles Perez

2009 – Ideal Baldoni II

2010 – Charles C. Cicero

2011 – David A. Aponte

2012 – Arthur J LaRose

2013 – Henry A Adams

2014 – Paul W. Friend

Members of the Grand Commandery of Florida who have served Sister Grand Jurisdictions as Right Eminent Grand Commander

Dave Dement – West Virginia – 1985

L. Alvin Hall, Sr. – Tennessee – 1988

Ronald J. Bertie, KCT – New York – 1995

Charles W. Wagner – District of Columbia – 2005-2006

Charles Sipes – Utah – 2011

Grand Commadery Committees for 2016-2017

Committee Chairman Members
Advisory Marvin Gerhard Carl Gilmore, Harry Rosenthal, Wm Ron Taylor
Audit Wm Lee Popham Sr Sheldon Arpad, John Drewett
Committee on Work Adam Bryan Marvin Gerhard, John Gray, Corey Kosciuszko
Constitution, Laws & Regulations William Ellis Marvin Gerhard, Carl Gilmore
Convention Board Steve Steele Fred Gerdom, Ben Holland, Robert Cooper
Distinguished Guests Marvin Gerhard
Dispensation & Charters Brett Gordon
Finance & Budget Anthony Griffon James Mason, L. Edward Villaume III, Carl Gilmore
Gr Commandery History Charles Cicero Marvin Gerhard, Harry Rosenthal
Grand Representative Ronald Parks James Mason, Patrick Velasquez
Grievances Anthony Griffon Richard Angster
Holy Land Pilgrimage Anthony Griffon David Aponte, James Mason
Investments Lee Popham Jr (1 year) John Powell (2 years), Charles Hollinger (3 Years)
Jurisprudence Carl Gilmore Marvin Gerhard, Paul Friend, William Ellis, Wm Ron Taylor
KT Education, Leadership, Goals & Objection Patrick Velasquez All District Instructors
KT Eye Foundation William Schuck  James Mason
KT Magazine David Aponte
Lodge Representative James Mason Anthony Griffon, Adam Bryan
Masonic Relationships Stanley Hudson
Membership Henry A Adams Ron Parks, Patrick Velasquez
Necrology Brian Poole L. Edward Villiaume III, David Aponte
Patriotic & Civil Activities Harry V Eisenberg  James Mason, Sheldon Arpad
Perpetual Membership Brett Gordon (1 yr) James Green (2 yrs), John Drewett (3 yrs)
Photography Dayle Schrock Thomas Randazzo, James Green
Printing & Proceedings Eric West L. Edward Villiaume III
Registration, Returns & Credentials Steve Steele
Religious Activities David Aponte Barry Swan, Bryan Poole
Souvenir Program Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III Jack Maulden, David Aponte
Technology Dayle Schrock Corey Kosciusko, Patrick Velasquez, Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III, Ricardo Parente, L. Edward Villiaume III
Time & Place Antony Griffon Richard Agster, Robert St. John
Training Manuals James Record Marvin Gerhard, Brett Gordon
Triennial Fred Gordon Anthony Griffon, James Mason
Unfinished Business Eric West  Dwight Ridgeway
Youth Alan Graulich Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III, Harry Rosenthal, David Aponte
Public Relations Anthony Griffon Ronald Parks, Javier Hernandez

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Spring York Rite Festival Held in Jacksonville

A Spring York Rite Festival was held in Jacksonville on March 23 – 25, 2017. Nine new York Rite Masons were exalted and greeted, in the Chapter and Council, and knighted in the Commandery of Knights Templar.   Pictured first were the new Royal Arch. Companions with M. E. Companion C. Robert Cooper, M. E. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida, after the R.A.M. Degree on Friday, March 24, 2017. In the second picture, the new Sir Knights are pictured with the Commandery officers and cast after the Order of the Temple and knighting on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The second picture shows the following new Sir Knights, officers, cast members and other Sir Knights after the Orders on Saturday, March 25, 2017.... read more

Masons pay tribute to those buried at historic Evergreen

Right Worshipful Kurt Morauer, a freemason, stood wearing his Templar uniform, a black military-like outfit adorned with golden shoulder boards and medallions featuring red crosses across the breast. Atop his head he wore a white-feathered chapeau, and across his waist lay a gold-striped belt that held a gold-hilted sword, which he unsheathed with a white-gloved hand and held up in front of him as Right Worshipful Frederic Latsko began the Knights Templar Memorial Ceremony. Morauer’s elaborate attire was all part of Masonic Memorial Appreciation Day, which was held Saturday in the historic Evergreen Cemetery in southeast Gainesville. Our departed knights were taught that the sword, in the hands of a true and courteous knight, was endowed with three excellent qualities: it’s hilt, with justice impartial; it’s blade, with fortitude undaunted; and it’s point, with mercy unrestrained, Morauer said to the crowd. He could never grasp it without being reminded of the attributes it symbolized. And to these attributes, with their deep significance, we renew our pledge. And inspired and heartening hope leads up to the comforting belief that they met their trying hour with fortitude undaunted. And walking in the dawn of a new day, have received justice tempered with mercy unrestrained, which is the glorious attribute of the Son of God. With a focus on York Rite freemasonry, which includes the Knights Templar, this year’s Masonic appreciation day featured a recognition of the fraternal order’s grand masters and grand high priests who have been buried at Evergreen and a Knights Templar memorial ceremony. The history of masonry in Gainesville is as old as the city itself, said Grand... read more

100 Knight Conclave – Triangle Commandery No.38

Triangle Commandery No.38 of Lake Sumter York Rite 1st Annual 100 Knight Conclave Join us for a celebration of Knighthood May 6th 2017 Location: Leesburg Masonic Lodge 200 Richey Rd Leesburg, FL Registration: 5pm Dinner: 6pm Program: 7pm Cost: $20 per person This is an open event – all are welcome Dress: S.K.: Full Uniform, including sword Ladies/Guests: Business dress Notable S.K. Attendees: MW Stanley L. Hudson REGC Frederick Gerdom RE Dept Cmdr Southeast Henry A. Adams Download the flyer... read more