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Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Florida

Right Eminent Grand Commander: S.K. Anthony L. Griffon

Anthony Griffon
Sir Knights,

I humbly accept the position of Right Eminent Grand Commander.  My theme for this year is “Forever Marching Forward“.  This is a double prong “attack”: first, we will all learn how to march all in the same fashion (NOT ONE AT A TIME) and two, making progress in the promotion of Christianity in the York Rite.

As my predecessor said “We must keep attending and making our meetings exciting.”  By working together through education we will make this happen.

We have a unique plan for this year’s District Meetings.  We will be performing Marching formation and tactics, at the basic level, to be employed in the nine and twelve man opening. Thus at each Commandery meeting we will reinforce that which was taught at the District meetings.

Let us all have a fun and a blessed year

R.Em. Anthony Griffon
Grand Commander

Grand Officers

Presenting the Grand Commandery Officers for 2017 – 2018

Right Eminent Grand Commander
Anthony L. Griffon

Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
James T. Mason

Eminent Grand Generalissimo
Ronald L. Parks

Eminent Grand Captain General
Brett E. Gordon

Right Eminent Grand Treasurer
Carl E. Gilmore

Eminent Grand Recorder
L. Edward Villiaume III

Right Eminent Grand Prelate
David A. Aponte

Eminent Grand Senior Warden
Adam M. Bryan

Eminent Grand Junior Warden
Patrick X. Velasquez

Eminent Grand Standard Bearer
Sheldon Arpad

Eminent Grand Sword Bearer
Javier A. Hernandez

Eminent Grand Warder
Rusty M. Ludlam

Eminent Grand Sentinel
Ronald A. Naumowicz

Aide De Camp
David A. Aponte, REPGHP

Drill Master General
Ronald J Bertie, REPGC (NY)

Inspector General (Districts 7 & 8)
John I Gray

Presenting the Grand Commandery District Deputy Grand Commanders for 2017 – 2018

District No. 1 – (13, 18 & 35)
Joseph R. Fretz

District No. 2 – (16 & 32)
John “Jud” D. Powell

District No. 3 – (8, 20 & 40)
Bruce S. Moir

District No. 4 – (6,15 & 21)
Frederic R. Gerdom

District No. 5 – (4, 9, 28, 36 & 38)
Erik B. Andersen

District No. 6 – (17, 24 & 41)
Wade A. Atchison

District No. 7 – (2, 5, 10 & 44)
C. Edward “Ed” Constant

District No. 8 – (7, 19, 39 & 43)
Wayne A. Baker

District No. 9 – (12, 22 & 29)
Douglas G. Knowles

District No. 10 – (1, 25 & 42)
John H. Bryant


Living Past Grand Commanders

1976 – Harry A. Rosenthal

1989 – Marvin W. Gerhard

1996 – Guy E. Waltman

1997 – Carl E. Gilmore

1998 – Wm. Ronald Taylor

1999 – Edwin B. Moore, III

2000 – Daniel L. Bennett

2001 – Frederick L. Piasecki

2002 – Robert E. Burleson

2004/2005 – William G. Ellis

2006 – Jerry R. Morgan

2008 – Charles Perez

2009 – Ideal Baldoni II

2010 – Charles C. Cicero

2011 – David A. Aponte

2012 – Arthur J LaRose

2013 – Henry A Adams

2014 – Paul W. Friend

2016 – Frederick R. Gerdom

Members of the Grand Commandery of Florida who have served Sister Grand Jurisdictions as Right Eminent Grand Commander

Dave Dement – West Virginia – 1985

L. Alvin Hall, Sr. – Tennessee – 1988

Ronald J. Bertie, KCT – New York – 1995

Charles W. Wagner – District of Columbia – 2005-2006

Charles Sipes – Utah – 2011

Grand Commadery Committees for 2017-2018

Committee Chairman Members
Advisory Marvin Gerhard Carl Gilmore, Harry Rosenthal, Frederic Gerdom
Audit Wm Popham, Sr. Sheldon Arpad, Ronald Parks
Committee on Work Frederic Gerdom Marvin Gerhard, Paul Friend, Adam Bryan
Convention Board Carl Gilmore, Anthony Griffon Ronald Newton, Rob St. John, Jr.
Distinguished Guests Sheldon Arpad Henry Adams, Marvin Gerhard
Dispensation & Charters Adam Bryan  Brett Gordon
Finance & Budget James Mason  Anthony Griffon, Ed Villiaume III, Carl Gilmore
Gr Commandery History Charles Cicero Marvin Gerhard, Harry Rosenthal
Grand Representatives Ronald Parks Brett Gordon, Patrick Velasquez
Grievances James Mason Richard Agster, Ronald Parks
Holy Land Pilgrimage James Mason Ronald Parks, David Aponte, Antony Griffon
Investments John Powell (2 years) Wm Popham, Sr. (1 year), Charles Hollinger (3 years)
Jurisprudence William Ellis, Jr. Marvin Gerhard, AJ LaRose, David Aponte, Carl Gilmore
KT Education, Leadership, Goals & Objectives Frederic Gerdom Paul Friend, Patrick Velasquez, Carl Gilmore, Sheldon Arpad
KT Eye Foundation Paul Friend James Mason, Adam Bryan
KT Magazine David Aponte
Lodge Representative Adam Bryan  Rusty Ludlam, Paul Friend, Javier Hernandez
Masonic Relationships Stanley Hudson
Membership Ronald Parks  Paul Friend, James Mason, Javier Hernandez
Museum Ed Villiaume III Anthony Griffon, Sheldon Arpad, John Gray
Necrology David Aponte Brian Poole, Ed Villiaume III
Patriotic & Civil Activities Sheldon Arpad  Ronald Parks, Harry V. Eisenberg, James Mason
Perpetual Membership Ronald Parks (1 year) James Green (2 yrs), John Drewett (3 yrs)
Photography Dayle Schrock Thomas Randazzo, James Green
Printing & Proceedings Frederic Gerdom L. Edward Villiaume III, Anthony Griffon
Public Relations Ronald Parks Anthony Griffon, Ronald Naumowicz, Todd Meschelle
Registration, Returns & Credentials  Ronald Naumowicz Bryan Poole
Religious Activities David Aponte Anthony Griffon, Brett Gordon
Souvenir Program John Lewis John Wermann, Jack Maulden, AJ Ahrens III
Technology Dayle Schrock Corey Kosciusko, Patrick Velasquez, Arthur “AJ” Ahrens III, Ricardo Parente, L. Edward Villiaume III
Time & Place James Mason Harry Eisenberg, Glenn Chandler
Training Manuals Frederick Gerdom Marvin Gerhard, John Miller, James Record
Triennial Anthony Griffon James Mason, Ronald Parks
Unfinished Business Frederick Gerdom John Miller
Youth Frederick Gerdom David Aponte, AJ Ahrens III, Harry Rosenthal, Anthony Griffon

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Fernandina Beach York Rite Bodies Install New Officers for 2018

The Fernandina Beach York Rite Bodies Installed their new officers on Monday, January 8, 2018. Crusader Commandery No. 44, K. T., installed Sir Knight Gary Orlando as Eminent Commander. Sir Knight Rodney Moody was installed as Generalissimo; and David “Danny” Johnson was installed as Captain General. Pictured here were the newly installed officers present, with Installing Officer, C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, MEPGHP, and Installing Marshall Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP. Not Shown was Corbin Elliott, KYCH, KCT, Installing Prelate, taking the pictures. Nassau Chapter No. 49, R. A. M. installed Companion Wayne Paul, first row, second from left, as Excellent High Priest; Rodney Moody was installed as King; and Herbie Ray was installed as Scribe. Shown here were the newly installed officers present, with the Installing Officers: C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, MEPGHP; and Darryl A. D’Angina KYGCH, MEPGHP. Seen in the back row from left were Grand Royal Arch of Florida officers: Edward Constant, KYCH, Ex. Grand M. of 1st Veil; C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, MEPGHP, Installing Officer; and Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP, Installing Marshall. The Athelstan Council No. 46, R. & S. M., newly installed Illustrious Master is Rodney Moody. shown in the first row, center of the attached picture of Installed and Installing Officers. David “Danny” Johnson, was installed as Deputy Master; and Herbie Ray was installed as Principal Conductor of Work. Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP (back row, right) was Installing Officer, and C. Edward Constant, KYCH, Ex. Grand M. of the 1st Veil, (back row, left) was Installing Marshall. A wonderful dinner and Installation were enjoyed by all. Photos by R.I. Corbin... read more

Jacksonville York Rite Bodies Install 2018 Officers

The Jacksonville York Rite Bodies on January 4, 2018 installed their new officers at the Jacksonville York Rite Temple. Damascus Commandery No. 2, K. T., installed Mark Balester as Eminent Commander. The Installing Officer was C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, MEPGHP, PGSWB of the Grand Commandery.   Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R. A. M. installed David Gregory as Excellent High Priest. The Grand Installing Officer was Glenn E. Chandler, KYGCH, Grand Governor of Florida, for the York Rite Sovereign College of North America, MEPGHP, of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida. Hallmark Council No. 3, R. & S. M., was the third Y. R. body to install its new officers on January 4, 2018. Eric G. Cole was installed as Illustrious Master. The Grand Installing Officer was Glenn E. Chandler, KYGCH, MEPGHP, R. I. Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Council R. & S. M. of Florida. Photos by R.I. Corbin... read more

District 3 Christmas Observance

District 3 of the Grand York Rite of Florida held its third annual Christmas observance on December 13, 2017 at the Masonic Home. There were about 30 Sir Knights in uniform in attendance as well as several residences of the Masonic Home. Also in attendance were three past Grand Commanders from Florida, and one past Grand Commander from Massachusetts/Rhode Island. Our Grand Commander and several Grand Officers were also in attendance. After the observance, a light meal was served by the ladies of the... read more