Grand Commander Official Visit to Olivet Commandery No.4, Orlando, FL

Right Eminent Sir Knight Paul W. Friend made his official visit today, October 23rd 2014, to Olivet Commandery No. 4.

Accompanying him were Eminent S.K. James Hawkins, District Deputy Grand Commander, Eminent S.K. Patrick Velasquez, Grand Sentinel and Eminent S.K. Harry V. Eisenberg, District Leader.

We had a 12-men full form opening and our Past Grand Commander R.E. S.K. John B. Fletcher Jr, KYCH, KYGCH, KCT joined the authorities to the reception into the Asylum.

Eminent S.K. Harry V. Eisenberg presented the Thomas Hayward Award to Eminent S.K. Gerald Favor in appreciation to his continued dedication and service to the York Rite Bodies of Florida.

Right Eminent S.K. Paul W. Friend presented the 63-year certificate and pin to Eminent S.K. Allen F. Reeth who received a standing ovation.

Here are some photos:

The Thomas Hayward Award presented to S.K. Gerald FavorS.K. Allen Reeth receives 63-year certificateR.E. Grand Commander Paul Friend's Official Visit to Olivet Commandery #4






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