Grand Commander Directive No. 3

M.E. S.K. Paul W. FriendThe Recorders of the Constituent Commanderies shall ensure that the Records of Membership shall be identical with those of the Grand Recorder of the Grand Commandery of Florida and that of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America. The Constituent Commandery shall pay per capita on the highest number of members recorded with the Grand Encampment or the Grand Commandery of Florida.

The Constituent Recorder shall ensure that Regulation 26.06 will be enforced, that only 2% of the membership may be on Emeritus status.

Also, Constituent Recorders shall pay to the Grand Commandery on all deceased perpetual members as per Regulation 26.04.

This Directive to be executed, under my hand this 17th day of December 2014

Paul W. Friend, KTCH
Right Eminent Grand Commander

Download the PDF here.


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