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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida

Most Excellent Grand High Priest: Ronald C. Newton

Ronald Newton

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Grand Chapter Officers

Presenting the Grand Chapter Officers for 2017 – 2018

Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Ronald C. Newton

Right Excellent Grand King
Harry V. Eisenberg, MD

Right Excellent Grand Scribe
James A. Green

Right Excellent Grand Treasurer
Carl E. Gilmore

Right Excellent Grand Secretary
L. Edward Villiaume III

Excellent Grand Chaplain
Earl C. Ray

Excellent Grand Historian
Glenn E. Chandler, Sr. MEPGHP

Excellent Grand Captain of the Host
Arthur Ahrens III

Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner
James F. Robertson

Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain
John I. Gray

Excellent Grand Master of the 3rd Veil
Henry A. Adams

Excellent Grand Master of the 2nd Veil
Corey D. Kosciuszko

Excellent Grand Master of the 1st Veil
C. Edward Constant

Excellent Grand Sentinel
Charles J. Pesola

Excellent Grand Organist
Dave Meade

Presenting the District Deputy Grand High Priests for 2017-2018

District No. 1 (11, 20, 24, 65)
Garry M. Paxinos

District No. 2 (18,35,50)
Richard Bayly

District No. 3 (3, 31, 45, 63)
Richard C. Brooks

District No. 4 (8, 16, 22, 29, 64)
Jeffrey T. Sklet

District No. 5 (5,7,15,33)
Eric W. Klienbach

District No. 6 (27, 28, 59)
C. Jerry Walters

District No. 7 (9, 12, 17, 48, 49)
Jimmy A. Dorsey

District No. 8 (2, 13, 38, 62)
Adam M. Bryan

District No. 9 (1, 32, 39)
Adrian P. Dillon

District No. 10 (6, 40, 57)
Dennis Barbarisi

Presenting the Grand Chapter District Instructors for 2017 – 2018

District No. 1 (11, 20, 24, 65)
Joseph R. Fretz

District No. 2 (18,35,50,67)
Todd A. Meschelle

District No. 3 (3,31,45,63)
Charles R. Jordan

District No. 4 (8,16,22,29,64)
Howard D. Craddock

District No. 5 (5, 7, 15, 33)
Pattrick X. Velasquez

District No. 6 (27, 28, 59)
Richard A. Wolfe

District No. 7 (9, 12, 17, 48, 49)
Thomas A. Olsen

District No. 8 (2, 13, 38, 62)
Rusty Ludlam

District No. 9 (1, 32, 39)
Thomas J. Rawsthorne

District No. 10 (6, 40, 57)
Roderic D. Mouer, Jr.


Living Past Grand High Priests

1975 – Richard I. Lanier

1978 – Duane B. Young

1983 – William A. Cogburn

1985 – Floyd Zeigler

1986 – Gary Brent Cull

1989 – R. Earl Shiver

1991 – William G. Norrie

1993 – William L. Buck, Jr.

1995 – Harry R. Bob Davis

1996 – Harvey L. Ward, Sr.

2000 – Virgil P. Brown, Jr.

2001 – Wayne E. Parks

2002 – Steven Q. Steele

2003 – H. Warren Almand, Jr.

2004 – Glenn E. Chandler

2005 – William F. Wyllie

2006 – Michael A. Padron, Jr.

2009 – Darryl A. D’Angina

2010 – Anthony J. Marotta, Jr.

2011 – Robert G. Kirkpatrick

2012 – John Wermann

2013 – John Wermann

2014 – William Jacobs

2015 – Richard Wolfe

2015 – Luther Bodiford III * Honorary

2016 – Richard Agster (Honorary)

2016 – C. Robert Cooper

Members of the Grand Chapter of Florida who have served Sister Grand Jurisdictions as Most Excellent Grand High Priest

G. Gordon Goodman – Michigan – 1976

Charles W. Wagner – Virginia – 2006-2007

Charles Sipes – Utah – 2011

Grand Chapter Committees for 2017-2018


Florida Royal Arch Mason History Research Committee

Committee Chairmain Members
Auditing James Green AJ Ahrens III, Ed Villiaume III (Ex-Officio)
Benevolence Henry Adams Cory Kosciuszko
Charters, Dispensations & By-Laws Robert Kirkpatrick John Gray
Constitution Review Robert Kirkpatrick James Green, Ed Villiaume III, Alan Rosenthal
Distinguish Guests Steve Steele Donald Harriott
God & Country (Religious, Patriotic & Civic Activities) C. Edward Constant William Paulchek
Grand High Priest Charity (RARA) Harry V. Eisenberg
Grand Convention Souvenir Program AJ Ahrens III
Masonic Relations & Blue Lodge Reps. Corey Kosciuszko AJ Ahrens III, DDGHPs, DIs
Membership Programs James Robertson
Budget & Finance Harry V. Eisenberg Richard Foreman, Carl Gilmore (Ex-Officio), Ed Villiaume III (Ex-Officio)
Finance Anthony Marotta Richard Wolfe, Carl Gilmore
Committee On Work John Gray James Robertson, Glenn E. Chandler
Investment Richard Foreman Glenn Chandler, Richard Wolfe
Jurisprudence Michael Padron Jr. Richard Wolfe, Anthony Marotta, Steve Steele, Glenn Chandler
Returns, Credits & Registrations James Gregory  Luther Thompson
Legal Advisor Alan Rosenthal
Youth Michael Padron Jr. Richard Wolfe, Anthony Griffon, Rob St. John
Necrology Charles Pesola Billy Williams
Thanks Billy Williams Roderic Mouer
Training C. Robert Cooper Richard Wolfe, Ron Newton
Unfinished Business Darryl D’Angiba C. Robert Cooper, Harvey Ward Sr., Richard Wolfe

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Rt. Ill. Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP was honored with the “Ephraim Kirby”

Rt. Ill. Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP  was honored with the “Ephraim Kirby” award by the General Grand Chapter International at the Southeastern conference during this past weekend. The award honors past presiding officers of the several York Rite bodies that continue serving the Craft.  This honor has been bestowed to only 3 others in Florida:  Donald T. Harriott, MIPGM, Steven Q. Steele, MEPGHP and John F. Wermann,... read more

John Gray Receives Grand Chapter Ritualistic Award

At the Grand Chapter R.A.M. of Florida Convocation at the Grand York Rite Convention in Lake Mary on May 24, 2017, John I. Gray, Excellent. Grand R. A. C., Chairman of the Committee on Work for the Grand Chapter, was presented the prestigious Grand Chapter Ritualistic Award by C. Robert Cooper, then Most Excellent Grand High Priest, now M. E. Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida. Pictured here are Excellent Companion John I. Gray, left, receiving the Ritual Award from Most Excellent Companion C. Robert Cooper, then M. E. Grand High Priest, now M. E. Past Grand High Priest of the Grand... read more