Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida Presents 60 Year Award to Companion Billy Collier

At the 2015 Florida Grand York Rite Convention in Panama City Beach, on May 19, 2015,
Most Excellent Companion William R. Jacobs, then Most Excellent Grand High Priest, now M. E Past Grand High Priest of Florida, presented a 60 Year Membership certificate and pin to Companion Billy Collier, KYCH. Excellent Companion Collier is a member of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, but now lives in Cosby, Tennessee with his daughter and family.

Pictured at the presentation, left to right, were: C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, then Grand Scribe, now Grand King of the Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida; Billy Collier, KYCH; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; and William Jacobs, then M. E. Grand High Priest, now M. E. Past Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida.

Bill Collier - 60 Year Award

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