Gateway Council No. 51, Knight Masons Initiates Five, and Installs New Officers

Gateway Council No. 51 Knight Masons held its Annual Meeting in Jacksonville on November 4th and initiated five new Knight Masons. The Council also elected and installed new officers for 2018.


The new Knight Masons are pictured blow. From the left, they are: Thomas Metcalfe, Jr., Todd Connor, David Gregory, Randall Burkett, and Don Cadrain.

Shown in the second picture were the new officers and Knight Masons present for the meeting, who were able to remain afterward for a picture. Seen in the first row, from left to right, were: Robert Gagnon, Tom Olsen, J.W.; Brian Poole, incoming Excellent Chief; Rusty Ludlam, Jr. Knight; Jimmy Dorsey, S.W.; Paul James Mast, Sr. Kt.; Paul Matthew, Jr., Tyler; Steve Barnett, Priest; and Harvey L. Ward, MEPGHP, Past Ex. Chief.

Seen in the 2nd and 3rd rows, left to right, were: Joseph Wright, Charles Robert Cooper, MEPGHP, P. Ex. Chief; Eric Cole, Sentinel; V.E. Darryl A. D’Angina, MEPGHP, P. Ex. Chief, P. Grand Superintendent, Treasurer; H. Wiley Hart, Dir. of Ceremonies; Randall Burkett, J. B. Hunt, David Gregory, Don Cadrain (front); Stephen Urban, Jr., Scribe (back row): Thomas Metcalfe, Jr., Todd Connor, and Corey D. Kosciuszko, retiring Excellent Chief.


Not pictured was Corbin Elliott, taking the photo.


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