Gainesville Chapter No.2 Hosts Grand High Priest at Table Chapter

Gainesville Chapter No. 2, R.A.M. held an Ancient Craft Table Chapter on August 19, 2014 drawing Companions from Capitular Districts 7 and 8, and representing some 14 – 15 Masonic Lodges, as well as several Chapters. Some 31 – 32 Companions met for instruction and good fellowship.

Most Excellent Grand High Priest William Jacobs was the featured speaker for the Convocation. R. Ex. Companion Harry Eisenberg, M.D., Ex. Grand Royal Arch Captain, as R.A.R.A. Committee Chairman, spoke to the Companions on the Royal Arch Research Assistance program.

Most Excellent Companion Jacobs presented new Royal Arch Mason membership patents to two of the newest Gainesville Chapter No. 2, R.A.M. Companions—Paul Charles Atria, III, and Donald William Frazer. M. Ex. Grand High Priest Jacobs also presented Excellent Companion William H. Schreiber, KYCH, of Gainesville Chapter with an award for ritualistic excellence.
A good many stories and toasts filled out the events of this traditionally convivial evening. Shown in the east at the end of the evening were the Most Excellent Grand High Priest, and a number of the other officers and dignitaries. Seen, from the left, were: Tom Metcalf, Captain of the Host, Gainesville Chapter No. 2; Albert L. Kimball, Excellent High Priest, Gainesville Chapter No. 2; Rusty M. Ludlam, KYCH, R. Ex. DDGHP, District 8; William R. Jacobs, Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida; Harry V. Eisenberg, M.D., KYCH, Ex. Grand R.A.C.; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, M. Ex. PGHP; Harvey L. Ward, Sr., KYGCH, M. Ex. PGHP; C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, R. Ex. Grand Scribe of the Grand Chapter; and Brian R. Poole,
R. W. Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge F. & A. M. of Florida.

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