Fort Lauderdale York Rite Installs New Officers

A special “THANK YOU” to the following…

the Grand Officers for their traveling and officiating at the installion of our officers,

the brethren, family and guests for attending this commemorative event

the Honor Guard provided by Knights of St. Andrew Kilt Unit from the Lake Worth Scottish Rite

the Hollywood 12 Rainbow Girls for serving dinner


The new officers of Meltia Commandery No 35  Knights Templar were installed on January 11th, 2016.

Installing Officer – R:.E:. Paul W. Friend REPGC

Installing Marshal  – E:. Bret Gordon ESB

Installing Chaplain –  E:. James Gregory DDGC District 1

Eureka-North Shore Installation Commandery

Front Row: R:.W.David Lund, SK Lester Jones, SK Xian Olivaria – Prelate, SK Stephan Viens – Generalissimo, E:. James Gregory – DDGC District 1, E:. Garry M. Paxinos – Commander, R:.E:. Paul W. Friend – REPGC, E:. Brett Gordon ESB, E:. Joesph R. Fretz – PEC, SK Raphael Vieira – Standard Bearer, E:. Bill Schmidt – PEC, SK Ken Vizzy.

Second Row: SK Adam Leal, SK Carlos A. Castro – Treasurer, SK Max Bornstien – Junior Warden, SK Petrea Marian, SK Richard Schweble, SK Demetrios C. Kirkiles – Senior Warden, SK Gary Hoste, SK Scott McComas – Warder, SK Bradrick Joyner – Captain General, E:. Javier Hernandex – Recorder


The new officers of Lauderale Council No 24 Royal and Select Masters were installed by:

Installing Officer – M:.I:. Paul W. Friend MIPGM

Installing Marshal – R:.I:. Jonathan Macedon DDGM District 1

Installing Chaplain – I:. James Gregory

Eureka-North Shore Installation Council

Front Row: I:. Garry M. Paxinos – PIM, Carlos A. Castro – Treasurer, I:. Jonathan Macedon – DDGM District 1, I:. Joseph R. Fretz – Master, M:.I:. Paul W. Friend – MIPGM, I:. James Gregory, Xian Olivaria – Sentinel, I:. Brett Gordon PIM

Second Row: Demetrios C. Kirkiles – Steward, I:. Bradrick A. Joyner – PIM, Stephan Viens – Deputy Master, I:. Bill Schmidt – Priciple Conductor of Work, Adam Leal – Conductor of the Council

Last Row: Max Bornstien – Captain of the Guard, Richard Schwable – Chaplain, I:. Javier Hernandez – Recorder


The new officers of Keystone Chapter No 20 Royal Arch Masons were installed by:

Installing Officer – M:.E:. John Wermann MEPGHP KYGCH OYP

Installing Marshal – E:. James Gregory PDDGHP

Installing Chaplain – E:. Brett A. Gordon PHP

Eureka-North Shore Installation Chapter

Front Row: Rafael Vieira – Master of the Second Viel, Carlos A. Castro – Treasurer, Bradrick A. Joyner – King, E:. James Gregory PDDGHP, E:. Garry M. Paxinos – High Priest, M:. I:. John Wermann MIPGHP, Stephan Viens – Scribe, Xian Olivaria – Principle Sojourner, E:. Joseph R. Fretz – PHP, E:. Brett Gordon – PHP

Second Row: Max Bornstien – Royal Arch Captain, Demetrios C. Kirkiles – Captain of the Host, E:. Javier Hernandez – Secretary, Scott McComas




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