Florida Priory No. 60, K. Y. C. H., Initiates Six New Member Knights

Six new Knights were initiated by Florida Priory No. 60, K.Y.C.H., and were received as Knights of the York Cross of Honor on October 24, 2015 in Lake City, Florida.

Pictured here were the six new Knights with the officers of Priory No. 60, K.Y.C.H. and others in the east after the meeting.

Shown in the first row, from left to right, were new members of the K.Y.C.H., as follows: Julius G. Nagy, Robert Welch, Jimmy Dorsey, C. Edward Constant, Edward J. Heise, and Roger Ward; plus Rusty M. Ludlam, D.I., Grand Chapter and Grand Council, Dist. Leader, Grand Commandery, District 8, Past Prior, Missouri Priory No. 17.

Seen in the second row from left to right, were: Sheldon Arpad, E. Grand Sentinel, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida; Dayle L. Schrock, MIPGM, Grand Council, R. & S. M.; John F. Wermann, MEPGHP, DGGHP Southeast Region, General Grand Chapter, R.A.M., Intl.; Warren Shippee, PG, John Bridges Phelps Y.R. College No. 31, Prior of Florida Priory No. 60, KYCH; Harry Eisenberg, MD, Ex.GPS, Grand Chapter, R.A.M.; Anthony Griffon, EGG, Grand Commandery, K.T.; James T. Mason, EGCG, Grand Commandery, K.T.; and C. Robert Cooper, PGSWB, R.Ex.GK, Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida.

Seen in the third row, from left, were: Eric B. West, R.E. Grand Commander, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida; David A. Aponte, REPGC, E. Grand Prelate, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida; and Eric B. Anderson, Dist. Leader, District. No. 5, Grand Commandery, K.T., Registrar, Florida Priory No. 60, K.Y.C.H.

Also present among others, but not pictured here were: Wayne E. Parks, MEPGHP, Past Prior, and Paul W. Friend, MIPGM, REPGC of Florida.

Priory 60

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