Florida Chapter of Research

Royal Arch LogoDear Companions,

This is to advise all that a final organizational charter meeting for the Florida Chapter of Research is being held in the Pinellas Room of the hotel @ 10 to 11 AM on Sunday, April 27, 2014. This is going out just in case anyone missed it on the program.

At this meeting, we will adopt as a formality the legislation containing our by-laws, which have already been legally placed into effect when the legislation was approved at the last Grand York Rite Convention. We will also adopt two resolutions, as follows:

  1. Resolution permitting the Treasurer to open a bank account in the name of the Florida Chapter of Research, R. A. M. As of this writing, he intends to use Regions Bank.
  2. A “standing resolution” permitting the High Priest, Treasurer, and Secretary to engage in financial transactions between meetings of the Chapter so that the proper business of the Chapter may be handled properly and efficiently. Since the Chapter possibly may not meet more than quarterly or twice a year, this becomes a necessity. All transactions made will be properly accounted for and reported at each meeting of the Chapter.

We will also transact any other organizational business as necessary.

Zealously & Fraternally submitted,
Jim Hogg, High Priest Designated

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