Florida Allied Masonic Degrees Festival in Leesburg

The Florida statewide Allied Masonic Degrees (A.M.D.) Festival was held in Leesburg, Florida on Saturday, July 30, 2016   Several degrees were conferred, and a paper was presented by George H. Wolf A.M.D. Council No. 387. Shown here, following, are several teams of Brothers who conferred the degrees, etc. They are as follows:

  1. The team from Manasota A.M.D. Council No. 305, which conferred the Architect Degree, with new A.M.D. member, R.H. Brother Edward Mayfield, fifth from left in the line.
  1. The team from Wilbur W. Masters Council No. 322, which conferred the Knight of Constantinople Degree, with R. H. Brother Edward Mayfield, fourth from left, in the center.
  1. A few George A. Wolf A.M.D. Council No. 187 officers, with Dan Pushee, Grand Superintendent of the A.M.D. in Florida, on the left, and Roger Fowler, S.M., second from the left. George A. Wolf Council No. 187 presented a paper at the Festival.
  1. Group picture of Sovereign Masters and Past Sovereign Masters who received the Knight Commander Red Branch of Eri Degree, with Grand Superintendent Dan Pushee in the center of the first row. Grand Superintendent Pushee conferred the degree.
  1. Photo of all of the A.M.D. Brothers present at the completion of the degrees.

Leesburg AMD Festival Leesburg AMD Festival Leesburg AMD Festival Leesburg AMD Festival Leesburg AMD Festival

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