District 7 York Rite Meeting Held at Jacksonville on November 19, 2016

The District 7 York Rite Meeting was held at Jacksonville on Saturday, November 19, 2016. A great turnout of Companions, Sir Knights and ladies welcomed the Grand York Rite officers to the District for fellowship and Instruction.

Pictured here first, were the Commandery Sir Knights, and second, the Chapter and Council Companions assembled after their meeting sessions.

Shown also, M. E. Companion Richard I. Lanier, MEPGHP, was presented with 70 Year Membership certificates in each of the Y. R. bodies by the Grand Presiding Y. R. officers with local Y. R. representatives assisting. M. E. Companion Richard Lanier turned 100 years old in September this year.

Companion Gordon Rehberg, with his wife, received a 50 Year Membership certificate from each of the York Rite bodies.

Also, contribution checks from the local Y. R. bodies were presented to the Grand Presiding Y. R. Officers for the Grand body charities by the local presiding officers or representatives. M. E. Companion C. Robert Cooper, M.E.G.H.P. of the Grand Chapter, and Harry Eisenberg, R.E. Grand P. S., RARA Committee Chairman, received contributions for RARA.

M. I. Companion Benjamin J. Holland, M.I.G.M. of the Grand Council, and Dayle L. Schrock, MIPGM, CMMRF Committee Chairman, received contributions for CMMRF.

R. E. Sir Knight Frederick R. Gerdom, R.E.G.C. of the Grand Commandery received donation checks for the K. T. philanthropies.

A great meeting was held with participation, learning and enjoyment all around.

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