Council and Commandery Degrees and Orders Conferred at Jacksonville Festival

The Cryptic Degrees and Chivalric Orders were conferred upon four new Select Masters and Sir Knights on Friday night and Saturday, September 23 & 24, 2016 at the Jacksonville Fall York Rite Festival. The new Companions and Sir Knights were Coley Bagosius, Rodney Housand, Ron Baxter and Hal Scott Inglis.

The Council Degrees were conferred by Athelstan Council No. 46. The Commandery Orders were conferred by a Barnett/Calahan Lodge team, Crusader Commandery No. 44, and Damascus Commandery No. 2.

Shown in the first picture under the “Holiness to the Lord” arch, and seated from left, were new Select Masters: Coley Bagosius, Ron Baxter, Hal Scott Inglis, and Rodney Housand.

Seen standing, from left to right, were: Corbin Elliott, C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, MEGHP; Mark Balester, Steve Urban, Jr., C. Edward Constant, Kevin Rentz, Darryl D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Brian Gilvey, Robert Gagnon, Danny Johnson, Charles Matt Smith, Alex Constant, Randy Burkett, Ernest Beeman, Rodney Moody, Lloyd Newman, DDGIM, Dist. 7; Corey Kosciuszko, DDGC, Dist. 7; Robert Gurney Atwell, Robert Bullard, Robert Shellenberger, and Robert Wilson.

Shown in the second picture were the Knights Templar who conferred the Order of the Temple, with the newly created Sir Knights on Saturday, September 24th. Shown seated from left were new Sir Knights: Coley Bagosius, Ron Baxter, Rodney Housand and Hal Scott Inglis

Pictured standing, left to right, in the first row were: Rusty Ludlam, Darryl D’Angina, MEPGHP; Chris Lanham, Jr., Mark Balester, Robert Gagnon, Dist. Instr. Dist. 7; Joe Wright, Sr., Charles Matt Smith, C. Robert Cooper, MEGHP of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida; Daniel Cooper, Corbin Elliott, Robert Shellenberger, and C. Edward Constant.

Seen standing in the second row, from left, were: Steve Urban, Jr., St. Augustine Commandery No. 10; Todd Connor, Jimmy Dorsey, Sam Hope, Alex Constant, Paul James Mast, Brian Gilvey, Corey Kosciuszko, DDGC, Dist. 7; and Randy Burkett.

 2016 Jax Festival 2016 JAX Festival 

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