Corner Stone Laying Ceremony in Lauderhill, Florida

Today there was a Corner Stone Laying Ceremony in Lauderhill, Florida for the new Lauderhill Fire Department Station located at 3120 NW 12th. Place Lauderhill, FL. 33311. The Knights of Melita Commandery No.35 of the Fort Lauderdale York Right and of Miami Commandery No.17 were in attendance and combined provided an Honor Guard for the Grand Master of Free & Accepted Freemasons of Florida M∴W∴ Steven P. Boring; Deputy Grand Master R∴W∴ Stanley L. Hudson; Junior Grand Warden; R∴W∴ John Karroum; R∴W∴ Tommy Turlington W∴ Grand Marshal and all the officers who filled the positions on behalf of the Grand Line. This is the first time members of both bodies attend and participate in Corner Stone Laying Ceremony, thus it is exiting news for all, especially for Fort Lauderdale York Rite Bodies which have been steadily growing and marking a trail of success thus far.

The ceremony started promptly at 9:00 AM with all in attendance. The Grand Master performed the ceremony with the assistance of all Masons present and participating from several Lodges in District 33. Lodges represented were North Broward No. 404, J. Dewey Hawkins No. 331, Coral Springs No. 373, Doric No. 140, Roe Fulkerson No. 299, West Broward No. 253, North Star No. 405 and Eureka North Shore No. 269. The District Deputy Grand Master R∴W∴ Phil Dixon and The District Instructor R∴H∴ John Bonner were present and assisted as Grand Line officers in the ceremony. The ceremony was completed promptly at 9:20 AM and all present enjoyed it.


  • SK Javier A. Hernandez, PEC of Melita 2011, PDDGC 2012-2013
  • SK Bill Schmidt, PEC of Melita 2012
  • SK Jon Macedon, PEC of Melita 2014, DDIGM District 1 2015-2016
  • SK Joachim Varga, Treasurer of Melita-2015
  • SK John Becton

MIAMI No. 17

  • SK Jim Gregory, PEC of Miami 2014, DDGC 2015-2016
  • SK Sol Goldenberg, Generalissimo Miami 2015

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