Damascus Commandery No. 2 Welcomes D.D.G.C. Corey Kosciuszko

On August 9, 2016, Damascus Commandery No. 2, K. T. received its official visit from Chivalric District No. 7 District Deputy Grand Commander Corey D. Kosciuszko. A nice turnout of Sir Knights welcomed their own Commandery Sir Knight and District Deputy to the conclave. Pictured here were the Sir Knights after the meeting. Shown in the first row, left to right, were: Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, KCT, PDDGC; C. Robert Cooper, KYGCH, PGSWB, M.E.G.H.P. of the Grand Chapter R.A.M. of Florida; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Jimmy A, Dorsey, KYCH, Christopher Lanham, Jr., S.W.; Kolen Sawyer, EHP, Eminent Commander of Damascus Commandery No. 2, K.T.; Corey D. Kosciuszko, DDGC, District 7, Ex. G.M. of the 1st V., Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida; Mark Balester, C.G.; and James Billberry, J.W. Seen in the back row, from left, were: Todd Connor, Prelate; Eric Cole, Gen.; Robby Stokes, St.B.; Thomas A. Olsen, PC, DDGHP, Sec.-Recorder; Joseph Wright, Sr., Sen.; William Ellis, P.C.; and Randy Burkett,... read more

Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R.A.M. Table Festival

Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, Royal Arch Masons, held a Table Festival for all Companions and their ladies and guests on Thursday, August 4, 2016. A nice turnout of Companions, including Most Excellent Companion Bob Cooper, M. E. Grand High Priest, and four M. E. Past Grand High Priests of Florida, were on hand for the festivities. A number of the Companions, who were able to remain after the dinner activities, are shown in the east, where they assembled for a quick picture. Shown in the first row from left to right, were: Kolen Sawyer, E.H.P. of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R.A.M.; Paul James Mast, PHP of St. Augustine Chapter No. 17; Randy Burkett, M. 3rd V.; David Gregory, P.S.; William L. Buck, Jr. (seated) KYGCH, MEPGHP; Wiley Hart; Rusty Ludlam, KYCH, PDDGHP District #8, Bronze Medal Award holder; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Charles Ed Constant, KYCH, PDDGHP #7; Herbie Ray, E.H.P. Nassau Chapter No. 49, R.A.M.; Jimmy Dorsey, KYCH, PDI #7; and James Billberry, RAC. Seen in the second row, from left, were: Steve Urban, Jr., PHP, Treasurer; Richard A. Wolfe, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Robert Sapitan, King: Corey Kosciuszko, PDDGHP, Ex. Grand M. of 1st Veil; C. Robert Cooper, KYCH, M. E. Grand High Priest, Grand Chapter, R.A.M. of Florida; Ronald C. Newton, R. E. Grand King of the Grand Chapter; Bob Gagnon, KYCH, REPGHP #7; Lloyd Newman, RIDDGM #7, M. 1st V.; and Tom Olsen, REDDGHP #7, Secretary-Recorder of the Jacksonville Y. R. Bodies. Present, but not pictured, were: Glenn E. Chandler, KYGCH, RIPCW; Cliff Baker; and Corbin Elliott, KYCH, REPGHP, photographer. Seen in the second picture, the... read more

District 8 Meeting

Saturday September 10th, 2016 Lake City York Rite Bodies 1423 McFarlane Ave, Lake City, FL 32056-0223 Registration – 11:00 am Lunch – 12:00 pm Meeting & Ladies Program – 1:00 pm Download the flyer... read more

District 3 Meeting

Saturday August 20th, 2016 Tampa York Rite Temple 4210 W Oklahoma Avenue Tampa, FL Registration: 10:30 am Commandery Practice – 11:00 am Lunch – 12:00 pm Meeting & Ladies Program – 1:00 pm Follow-up questions & conversations – 2:00 pm Download the flyer here... read more

Double District Deputy Visit in Leesburg

Companions, Last night we were able to have a DOUBLE District Deputy visit during our monthly Chapter and Council meetings. First we had a meal for all and an outstanding cake provided by Companion Jim Angelos (KYCH). Golden Triangle Council No.28 was opened at 7pm by Illustrious Master David Rosenthal and after business was concluded we received Right Illustrious Companion Erik Anderson (KYCH), District Deputy Grand Master of the 5th District who presented the program of Most Worshipful Benjamin J. Holland, Grand Illustrious Master of Royal and Select Masters of Florida. Then we reset the lodge room and Eustis Chapter No.33 was opened by Excellent High Priest Dan Hobson and after business was concluded we received Right Excellent Companion Chuck Harper, District Deputy High Priest of the 5th District who presented the program of Most Excellent C. Robert Cooper, Grand High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons of Florida. The food was good, the cake delicious but the fellowship and programs were incredible for all who attended. So go out and support YOUR York Rite. May God lead your path, Dan Hobson Excellent High Priest Eustis Chapter No.33 Royal Arch Masons... read more

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