Jack DeMolay Dinner at Taylor Commandery

Sir Knights, As you all must already be aware this coming Saturday October the 10th is the date for the Jack DeMolay dinner that Taylor Commandery puts together yearly for the benefit of the DeMolay boys. This year we are making it for the Masonic youth in general, as the attendance of previous years have not been a great participation of the DeMolay boys. Come on out this Saturday October 10th at 5:30 P.M. The location is Sanford Masonic Temple. I hope that you can find time in your busy schedules to come out and support this great cause. Feel free to forward this email to the Brothers, companions and friends on your email list. Fraternally, Edgar Ortiz, E.C. Taylor Commandery No...

Observing the Craft

I’m taking the liberty to reach to you and I hope that if you are not interested you will forgive my sending this to you. Although this has been sent out by the Grand Lodge in their monthly mail package many Brothers still haven’t heard about it. I’m reaching out to you because this is a once in a lifetime type of opportunity to hear a Masonic Presentation unlike you have ever heard. On October 10th we are hosting one of Americas best Masonic author, not my words but other Past Grand Masters from other states, although I concur with the praises, This Brother is W.’. Andrew Hammer author of  “Observing The Craft” a book of which I have spoken about for the past 5 years more or less because of how it speaks about, and for the Craft. You can also see more information on this Brother and his book at http://observingthecraft.com/ Please see the flyer attached to this email and if you find it that you can attend please sign up as early as possible by following the instructions in the flyer.  I would like to see a good group of Masons for this presentation if at all possible. If you can attend and cannot afford the ticket fee’s please drop me an email and we will try to make arrangements for your needs. Best Regards, your Brother Jorge L. Aladro, P.G.M. www.masonicdiscourses.com Download the flyer...

Hallmark Council No. 3, R. & S. M. Holds Past Illustrious Masters Night

Hallmark Council No. 3, Royal & Select Masters of Jacksonville, held a Past Illustrious Masters Night on Thursday, October 1, 2015. Eight Past Illustrious Masters, in addition to Illustrious Master Thomas Olsen, were present. The Past Illustrious Masters each received a complimentary meal, and gave a brief report or recollection of their year, on this night honoring their service and leadership. Two past Presiding Grand York Rite officers were among those present to be celebrated: Richard Ivey Lanier, M. E. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, R. A. M. of Florida in 1975; and Glenn E. Chandler, M. E. Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter in 2004, and currently Ill. Grand Captain of the Guard of the Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida, were on hand for the festivities. Pictured here were the Companions assembled in the east after the meeting, for a picture. Shown, left to right, in the first row were: James Billberry, Steward; Eric Cole, Captain of the Guard; David Gregory, Flag Bearer; Thomas A. Olsen, Illustrious Master, DDGIM of District 7; Richard Ivey Lanier MEPGHP of the Grand Chapter, PIM; Glenn E. Chandler, MEPGHP, Ill. Grand Captain of the Guard of the Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida; Randy Burkett, Corey D. Kosciuszko, PIM, PDDGIM, and Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, PDDGIM, District 7. Seen, left to right, in the second row were: Larry Bilka, Sr., Conductor of Council; Lloyd Newman, Deputy Master; Pete Trent, KYCH; Charles Matthew Smith, KYCH; Jimmy Dorsey, PIM; Nelson Bruce, KYCH; and Joe Wright,...

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